Sunday, July 16, 2017

Date Night Ideas: July - September

Now that we've helped to equip you with a barrage of date night ideas for an entire year, you should be well on your way creating and trying out your own ideas. Have fun and don't worry so much about limitations. Don't let life get in the way of your marriage building. Plan to make time for one another no matter what else has to be done (we know first hand there's always something or someone needing you). Our suggestions can be adapted to fit any budget. Today make the commitment to devote more time to your marriage. Time well spent together, an arsenal of spoken prayers and an enormous amount of patience will make your life together as husband and wife so rewarding for you both. Give your marriage your absolute best. Steve and I both have learned marriage works, if your work it! 

37. Write a prayer together. Take turns reading that prayer each night until you learn it. Then write another.
38. Plant a rose bush and watch this gift keep on giving. 
39. Create and play games during a marriage-themed game night
40. Spend some time at the beach.
41. Have a picnic in a park.
42. Recreate your first date together. 
43. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast one night. 
44. Attend a marriage retreat together.
45. Attend an auction together. 
46. Make homemade ice cream or your favorite dessert together.
47. Go for a walk around the neighborhood. Hold hands.
48. Visit a bookstore and purchase the Love Dare and follow!

All the best!
~Steve and Del

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