Sunday, January 1, 2017

Date Night Ideas: January - March

I hope you begin reading these date night posts and are finding some ideas that fit your budget. I also hope that you find some ideas that to add another bright spark to your marital fire! Just as I've stated in a previous post, date nights are meant to be fun and to help couples keep maintain that spark that drew them together in the beginning. The date nights we suggest in this post are not centered around the weekends only, and they may certainly occur in the order of your choice. Have fun trying some of our suggestions and don't forget to try some of your own ideas. Have a fun and engaging time living your vows everyday! 

13. Fireworks show: create your own or attend a show
14. Photo booth fun!  Strike silly poses. 
15. Design, print and hang a family crest together. Discuss what is important to include and why.
16. Paint your own pottery session. 
17. Go kart racing indoor or outdoor
18. Ballroom dancing lessons
19. Create and view a slide show of pictures from your life together.
20. Murder Mystery Dinner Show
21. Weekend at a cabin. 
22. View an exhibit at a local museum
23. Happy hour at a local restaurant
24. Date night at home 

Best wishes!

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