Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sugar and Spice

This year, I've been in a crafty, make-it-at home myself mood. This is in part largely due to the incredibly fun and engaging DENaissance Maker Fair held during the Discovery Educator Network Summer Institute (#DENSI2015) in Washington, DC in July 2015. 

Every since then, I have been trying my own hand at making some of the crafts I learned there, or I have explored and created on my own. It is so fun and so relaxing! I have always loved crafts and being a wife and mom who works, I join in with the song, "I don't have time." Oh, but I do have time. I had to make my time a priority. Yes, imagine that in a home with kids and a husband, but it is possible. So roll up your sleeves, find your maker station area somewhere in your home, and make away. 

This year, I delved into body scrubs for my faculty and staff. I visited a local health food store and purchased essential oils. I had read about essential oils and I was familiar with frankincese and myrrh. Both are middle eastern scents that the wise men carried when baby Jesus was born in a manger. Inspired by the entire Christmas story, I set out to create body scrubs with heavenly scents. In the course of my making body scrubs, I stirred up cinnamon, mint, lavender, lemon, vanilla, tangerine, and the middle eastern scents. How lavishing! I used all natural ingredients such as raw sugar, fresh cinnamon, grapeseed oil or fine olive oil. I loved how the oils and raw sugar would mix and create this incredibly soft texture. It is not sticky and when the essential oils are added, the entire product comes alive. I used four ounce jars found and I filled each jar with 4 teaspoons of a particular scrub. I included labels on each jar thanks to ( and my scrapbooking supplies. Some were bagged and tied to give and some were given with a card and no bag. Several teachers told me how lovely the scrubs smell. I smiled with delight, knowing that I had created something special for each one of them with my very own hands.  With each teacher gift, I included directions inside of each card on how to use the body scrub. The directions read: 
Rub a fingerful over your hands, face, body or feet.
Wash away with warm water to 
Enjoy this body sweet treat!

Find your craft to try today. Don't delay your fun any longer! 
Merry Christmas and best wishes for a very great holiday season!

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